GOlive Extended - Performance Reviews

70/30 Split are currently performing in Donlad Hutera’s Golive extended festival at the Giant Olive Theatre in Kentish Town. We have had a very successful first week and have received some great reviews:

 ”Two “burlesque terrorists” (Lydia Cottrell and Sophie Unwin, of 70/30 Split) wobbling their own behinds in time to a hip hop tune. These boundlessly brazen and bodacious babes poked fun at the world of showbiz via a calculated combination of slapstick, satire, and straight-up sex (read: the mutual exposing of bosoms). They had the audience not only in the palm of their hands, but in stitches. I cannot commend them highly enough on their choice array of bargain-bin wigs and their baleful, woebegone eyes. “You were expecting something better”, they dead-panned, as they slumped there in their hiking boots. “No!”, I wanted to shout. “This is just perfect! Please don’t change a thing!”  - Deadcurious

 ”They have their own brand of zany humour and aim it effectively at intellectual pretensions.”

“extraordinarily inventive and very funny.” - British Theatre Guide

“The women’s strong, idiosyncratic personalities and stage presences shine through, as they peel away the illusions about glamour, sex and titillation that the burlesque show promises.”

“tightly crafted and slickly delivered” - London Dance

“Performing in hiking boots and some seriously tatty wigs, Cottrell and Unwin’s exploration of theatrical material is thought-provoking and hilarious.”

“Culminating in a belly-jiggling exploration of Rubens-esque feminine charms, it is as insightful as it is witty.” - Everything Theatre 

“Cottrell and Unwin are as touching as they are resolutely fearless.” - The Guardian

“These two feisty young women play up their contrasting shapes – one voluptuous, the other slight – with humour.” - Ballet Bichon

“Pas de Duh,’ was an innovative and comic interaction using bunches of roses. They certainly said it with flowers.” - Aline Jewell

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