HairStory Private View.

The Shop, Nelson
Thursday 9th July 2015

Before embarking on this residency I hoped to make lasting connections with individuals in Nelson, I hoped to utilise my fascination with hair as a cultural concept to reach different members of the community. I am always excited at the start of a project but the members of the community that I will meet, those that will be gracious enough to share with me, to become a part of my collection of HairStories.

Throughout my time in Nelson I have created lasting friendships with many different individuals, it has been a pleasure to trace their personal history and to learn about their lives, told by the different hairstyles that they have had throughout the years. One of the most important parts of the project is these one on one sessions that I get to spend with people. When listening to other people talk about their life it inspires me in so many ways, it highlights that every single person has an interesting past and that everyone has a story to share.

Instead of creating a performance that lasts for only a moment like a usually do, I wanted to create something lasting, just like the friendships I have made. I decided to take the words from my recorded interviews and created a series of poems to capture the essence of each HairStory that I had collected. To compliment these I created a Mandala from images that I took of each person to display the spirit and energy behind each individual.

Lydia Cottrell