1st Quarter of 2015 Review!

It is April already. I have been busy. I need to process what I have been up to. So here goes…

- I started the year by being awarded a free place through IdeasTap on the Awareness Through Movement course at Leeds Beckett University. It was a joy to work with Teresa Brayshaw and the rest of the participants. 

- I performed Bolero in London I always enjoy that. (Perhaps it is to do with the 3 litres of WKD that I consume.)

- I was then an observer for the Sketch programme at Yorkshire Dance, working with Peggy Olislagers was enlightening and has enriched my creative practice in so many ways. 

- I then had a week residency at Conway Hall and London Metropolitan University starting to pull ideas together for my new solo Atlantis. 

- I have started a new working relationship with fellow artist Ben Mills. Great things will be emerging. 

- Buzzcut happened. I saw so much great work that I am still trying to process all of the information. I also had the pleasure to perform in Adam Young’s Confessional. FUN TIMES. 

- Ca-Bear-Gay! YES. I am so lucky to be working with Jamie Fletcher and the rest of the cast on the dancing Bear Trilogy, I have been dancing, I have been singing, I have been learning Biblical text. It has been a blast and I cannot wait for the next round. 


Lydia Cottrell