Week One

10th - 14th December 2018

This was our first week in the studio. The main goals for this week was to re introduce ourselves to the material as well as leading a series of different tasks in the form of structured improvisation to generate new material.

One of the performers was unable to attend this week, so we did not focus on step learning or making anything set. It was more for myself and Sophie as choreographers to spend time testing out some of the ideas that we had in our heads. It was very useful to have time and space for us to play with different themes, allowing us to see what images worked for us, or that we found interesting.

It was during this week that we had to take the promotional images for the work. This was the first time that one of the performers got to experience what it was like to wear the costume. Seeing how his movements and persona changed when dressed was very intriguing. This led me and Sophie to start to understand the many different ways that the outfits can change the way that the body moves and how they could be read in different ways to anyone that was watching the performers move.

Once the week was over we had time to reflect on the ideas that we brought into the creative process as well as those that were brought by the performers. We assessed the ones that we wanted to develop further and started to make a plan for the next time that we were all back together.

Lydia Cottrell