Week Four

8th - 12th April

This was one of the most challenging weeks for us as a company.

Morale was extremely low due to some issues with the accommodation that the performers were staying in. This was also the week where we had to start to finalise the order and content of the work. There were a lot of disagreements between both myself and Sophie and with the whole group as well. Also our dramaturg was away for longer than expected and we were in need of an outside eye. We struggled a lot to get the performers to have the energy to run sections of the work so that we would be able to see what material felt right sitting next to each other. We had to invite Jospeh Mercier into the room so that we could get the performers to go through all of the material in one go.

From this a lot of our concerns with the work were highlighted, as well as issues that we needed to confront with the material.

After this we spent a lot of time discussing the material and arranging and trying out different orders. We also discarded a lot of the material and worked on new ways to layer images and sit things next to each other. After all of this we were in a place with the material that felt a lot stronger and that we were all a lot more confident with.

Lydia Cottrell