Production week

22nd - 26th April

Before returning for our final week we spent a lot of time discussing how we wanted the different sections to work and creating a solid plan so that we would be able to achieve them. It was also decided that I would lead a company class every day.

For production week our sound designer Jack Sibley joined us in the studio. This was a really positive experience and something that we would like to implement right from the start with future projects. We were at The Riley Theatre from the Wednesday, creating and plotting the work in a theatre space really helped with making many of the creative decisions as we were able to see the full effect of all of the images, with costume, lighting and sound.


We haled a sharing in for an invited audience, this was the first time the we had seen the work ourselves with all of the elements together. This was very useful for us to get a feel for the timings of the sections and how the work was being read to others. After gathering feedback we were able to make some final changes, clan an tighten sections ready for the premier.

Lydia Cottrell