27th April


Audience Feedback:

  • Seamless! Such a journey! The work brought up so many social, political and emotional issues in bold but subtle ways.

  • Loved it! Cheeky, funny, provocative, fresh, engaging.

  • Fun and thought-provoking.

  • Great. It wasn't always apparent what was going on but I loved the way it was open to interpretation. Fantastic choreography.

  • Brilliant, clever, playful.

  • I'm not a dance expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoyed the exploration/dissection of modern masculinity.

  • An intelligent and beautiful piece. Inevitably, there are aspects I was uncomfortable with but ultimately it didn't portray men as one-dimensional.

  • Happy to have caught 70/30 Split - subversive, funny, satisfying.


“Funny, frightening and absurdly touching, bYOB is a heartfelt plea to the yob within us all. With teddy bears.” - Culture Vulture


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Lydia Cottrell