A - Sides

A - Sides

Full length performance work. Available for touring.




Lydia Cottrell is a dancer, performer, apocaloptimist NASA lover and is prepping for the end of the world.
Ben Mills is a live artist, bread maker, mover, rugby player, pun lover and lacks time management skills.  

They are going to create a work together. 

ATOMIC is a physical exploration into small actions that have huge consequences. 
The work also draws inspiration from the cold war, Russian sleep experiments, the Manhattan Project and CIA MKUltra mind control experimentation. 

There might be explosions. 


Atomic is supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
Winner of the Hull Dance Prize 2016.
Supported by Hull Dance, York Theatre Royal and West Yorkshire Playhouse.


Performers - Lydia Cottrell, Ben Mills
Producer - Jen Sullivan
Technical - Charlotte Woods





Atlantis is a one woman space race.

It takes the audience on a journey through Disneyland, dance school, a family holiday and into outer space and asks them to look back and reconsider the planet we inhabit. What did we learn from the race into space? What did we gain in getting there? Can we train for failure? And do dreams really come true?

Funny, thoughtful and highly kinetic, Atlantis uses popcorn, projection and a paddling pool to explore the answers to all these questions.

Along the way, the show considers the idea that we all inhabit a spaceship – spaceship Earth - and draws parallels between our planet and the shuttle’s namesake, the mythical island that sank beneath the waves.


Atlantis is supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England. With further support from Conway Hall, Live Art Bistro, Yorkshire Dance, Dance City, Theatre in the Mill and the North East Artist Development programme. 


Performer / Divisor - Lydia Cottrell
Wordsmith - Matthew Bellwood
Dramaturgy - Peader Kirk, Peggy Olislaegers, Iain Bloomfield
Mentors - Luke Dixon, Jane Turner
Producer - Jen Sullivan