70/30 Split

70/30 Split


Two Women Perform

70/30 Split is Lydia Cottrell and Sophie Unwin.  

As individual artists and as a company we are interested in performance which is not easily definable, performance which crosses art forms and challenges the notions of performance ideals. Our work encompasses movement, performance writing, dance and choreography, and we are ever more interested in the idea of ‘liveness’ in performance. Alongside these ideas we also seek to create a performance language which is accessible rather than alienating, our work is frank, up- front and satirically observant. As a company we are heavily influenced by situations and experiences happening in our everyday life from; representations of people we find amiss all the way to hearing an unbelievably inspiring conversation in the street. As a sort of autobiographical collage we pluck aspects of life we feel need to be addressed in a performance context.  

We have performed to audiences both regionally and nationally including Dance Base, Edinburgh, Contact Theatre, Manchester and The Place, London.They have most recently been awarded commissions from Word of Warning, Manchester and The York Theatre Royal. 70/30 split were shortlisted for the Vantage Art Prize, were the winners of The FLINTsparks prize and were dance critic Donald Hutera’s top pick for his GOlive Festival.  

Cottrell and Unwin are as touching as they are resolutely fearless.” - The Guardian